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Welcome to the Race Pages of my Site!
Here is a look back at some of the sleds that led the way around the track!
More Pictures will be posted in the coming days!

 Attached are some pic's of my Thunder Jet.
My sled has the full GYT Kit.
(Genuine Yamaha Technology) 
includes cylinders, heads, pipes and fuel injection. I will be puting my sled on the dyno shortly and expect 75 to 80 hp. The handle bars are my drag bar, I have a set of "monkey" bars for oval racing. I cut the headset off of a 74 SST.
Thanks Mark in Russell MB for the Great Pictures!

Top Left Sno Jet Photo is courtacy of hughesphoto.com
Engine Photos are courtacy of mark!
Thanks to both for the Great Photos


1973 Rupp Snowmobiles

Gene Bloom
Winner Modified 3
72 World Series Championship
Ironwood - Michigan
Bill Heppner
Winner C Stock
72 World Series Championship
Ironwood - Michigan

Yep, last year we said the Arctic "Z" was going to beat the competition's "S" off.  Ant the record shows it did.
Fact is the "Z" won nearly twice as many sanctioned stock races as it's nearest competitor!


1975 Merc Sno-Twister


Eagle River - World Championship.
For 2 years running - the better sled won!

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