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Earl Grey 2003

My personal observation. The event was well attended and with 9 years under their belt,  they know how to keep things going. They have a good staging system and  were able to run around 150 heats and finals between 12 p m and 6 p m with several intermissions and awards presentation on site. You have to pay attention because a years worth of anticipation seems to go by in a heartbeat. No sooner do you get started and it seems you have to pack up and go home. They had a huge test area that was appreciated by all.  It was at least as wide as the four lane track and I never found the other end of it. The wind chill was a little nasty. Both events had great announcing that was broadcast on fm band.  You could listen to the action in your
car, at track side or in the pits.   Mark Nernberg.
Thanks Mark for the great track side point of view!

The Pit Area


Mark Nernberg on his Sno Jet - Thunder Jet up against some of the best.


1974 Kohler 650 triple Sno Pro, #1 of 10 built.


Note the adjustable ski stance from 36 to 45 inches or combination stager.