Photo Page 90
Here are pictures from the
Eganville Old Snowmobile Show
on Jan. 11 - 03.

1969 Ski Doo - 12 / 3

1970 Eskimo & 1969 Moto Ski
Thanks Claude Gendron for the model year.


1971 Swinger
Cecilia is the proud owner of this beauty.
She had a great display showing many
phases of the restoration project!
Thank you Cecilia!
Eganville, Ontario

1968 SKIROULE 300
Carl Ritter is the owner of this amazing sled.
You will not find many in this condition!
Thank you Carl Ritter!
North Bay, Ontario

1964 Ski Doo
Robert sent me the following....
"As far as history on the machine, a friend of mine found it in the back of an elderly gentlemans garage.  I don't know when the last time the machine ran before I got it.  I have had the machine for 5 years.  It sat in my garage up until two weeks ago when I decided to restore it for the show."  At the Eganville show Robert won the "Peoples Choice Best of Show" award.
Thank you Robert Prince!
Renfrew, ON

1968 Sno-Trek
Andy Vaillancourt is the owner of this unusual sled.  This is the first  Sno-Trek posted on my site. As you can see, Andy
has done a great job restoring this beauty.
Thank you Andy Vaillancourt!
1968 Sno-Trek made by Acktiv-Fisher AB of Sweeden for Montgomery Wards Stores.

Corey Crozier is the owner of this rare sled,
also appearing for the first time on my site.
I saw this sled run through the fields and was very impressed with how well it ran.
I believe that Corey told me it was a 1962 but he is going to email me with the details soon and I will post it for sure.  He also gave me a spec sheet on this sled and if you would like a scanned version, email me.
Thank you Corey!
The Eskimotor is a 1963 and
there were only 250 ever built.