1980 John Deere Trailfire 440 CC
 1980 John Deere Trailfire 440cc. This one was bought from a co-worker and was in need of a piston, a jug, caused by a fan belt breaking and cooking the left side cylinder. This was repaired and I have had a lot of fun trail riding this great sled.  I love old Deere's because my Dad worked for a John Deere dealership back when these sleds  were kicking butt in the late 70's and early 80's. A case of the two owners, before me, taking great care of their equipment!
Thanks Kevin Campbell for these Great Pictures!

1978 Kawasaki Invader 440 CC
1978 Kawasaki Invader 440cc engine. I bought this one about three months ago from a co-worker, and it was in need of a piston because of a leaking crank seal. This has been repaired and she runs strong!  I am the third owner of this sled, and it has also been treated to a great life of indoor storage and great care. Included with this was the original owners manual, warranty paperwork, tool kit and Kawasaki cover.
Thanks Kevin Campbell for these Great Pictures!

1974 Evinrude Quietflight 436 CC
 1974 Evinrude Quietflight with a 436cc opposed twin engine. This is the sled that got me into this sled collecting phase of my life. I bought this one at a sled auction here in Michigan and I really have no history on it. It was in awesome original condition and by the way the hitch looked (high use), I think it spent most of its days hauling equipment out and back from the ice fishing shanty. This one had electric start, reverse, cigarette lighter, tach, speedo, and a clutch you could engage into neutral. What a machine for 1974!
Thanks Kevin Campbell for these Great Pictures!

These two pics are of my most recent purchase. This is a 1965 Evinrude Skeeter, 362 cc opposed twin engine, and is in pretty darn good shape. The 83 year old man I bought it from has had it since new, and he took very good care of it.  I was out cruising around with it last weekend, it sure gets the looks!  I have the original owners manual, and a whole box full of OMC parts still in their original containers. When Evinrude got out of sleds back in the 70's,  I guess the former owner of this Skeeter went on a shopping spree just in case he would need replacement parts in the future. Turn's out, the only thing he used out of all of this was one set of!
Thanks Kevin Campbell for these Great Pictures!


1968 Moto Ski with a Single Cylinder Hirth Engine
 Serial number on this sled is 1395b8 - model #152
Thanks Jim for the Great Pictures!
Thanks Claude Gendron for the correct year.