Photo Page 4

Ski Doo -TNT Triple Play
1975 T'NT FA 440 (center), 1974 T'NT (left&right).
Thanks Claude Gendron for the correct model year.


We have all been there!


1976 Cheetah 295 - 340 - 440


1979 John Deere Spitfire 399CC


1979 John Deere Spitfire 399CC


John Deere 300


1970 Chaparral Firebird / Chaparral Industries
Lightweight Aluminum Chassis / Disc Brakes
Features either a Hirth or Sachs engine.

Hi David !
This is your last picture of page 4 and I did a little search to find the model year.
First year production for Chaparral was 1968 with Hirth engine only. The 1968/69/70 models
are have the same hood except maybe for minor changes until 1971 were they drastically changed.
1969 Firebird engine were also Hirth only and 1970 was the first year for Chaparral to offer
a choice of  2 engines for it's Firebird model which were Hirth and Sachs.
So I deducted that if the Chaparral on the photo had a choice of 2 engines
(Hirth and Sachs) this Chaparral Firebird must be a 1970. Claude
Thanks Claude Gendron for this info.