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1966 Johnson Skee-Horse
Donna Cheney was an avid snowmobiler.
Here is a  photo of her on her first sled,  A 1966 Johnson Skee-Horse
   My Mother kept her Johnson sled stock for all of two weeks!!!
She had purchased it at a marina in Jackson Michigan and the guy who owned the marina fabricated an intake manifold that would accept a carb off a 20HP Mercury Hurricane outboard along with linkage to accept cable operation which boosted its speed to about 45MPH.
She would just lie in wait for other Johnson and Evinrude sleds on a nearby lake
just to blow their skis off.  She bought a matching sleigh  ( cutter ) to pull behind to carry ice fishing equipment or whatever.  She kept it about 5 years before she bought her first Yamaha a SL 396...... if memory serves me, and the final sled was the dreaded GPX 433.   Mother passed away 5 years ago and I told her if they had sleds where she was going that she could have the fastest one.
Tom Cheney - Jackson Michigan
Thanks Tom for the great picture and story!

What a great Photo !!!
This is what Vintage snowmobiling was all about!
Classics - Classics - Classics!

Johnson Skee-Horse

I spoke to Tom Hawe  ( Sept. 15 - 2002 ) and he has graciously granted me permission to post these pictures. I came across these pictures which were in a Dec 1973 Magazine.  I tracked him down via the internet and
spoke to his wife Deloris who was shocked when I told her that I was calling from Canada to see if I could have these pictures from almost 30 years ago to post on my site.  Deloris and Tom shared a story about the Wheelhorse snowmobiles
that Tom used to have.  After several years of service and not having much use for them anymore, Tom loaded his many Wheelhorse Snowmobiles onto a flatbed truck and drove them into town.  Obvisiouly Tom was not thrilled with the performance of his sleds as he traded all of them for a breakfast for him and his wife.  Both Tom and Deloris are doing well and it was a pleasure talking to them.
Thanks Tom And Deloris for the great Picture and story!

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Early 60's Arctic Cat race sled!