Photo Page 105
Hello.  Well here's another round of sled pics.  This time is the Gilsons brother, (least in looks) 1970 Ariens Arrow 340, next are the 2 John Deeres, a 300 and a 500 series, still have the 500 and the next 2 pics are 1980 Polaris 440 TX.  I woulda kept it if it had the right f/a motor in it but someone put in a fan 440.  Oh well, it's long gone now.  Next bunch of pics will be my pride and joy, my Yamaha Enticers.  They are my absolute favorite sleds.   I have 3 at the moment.  Thanks Ray For these Great Pictures!
1970 Ariens - Arrow 340

1973 JOHN DEERE 500


1980 POLARIS 440 TX