Photo Page 104
Here's some pics to begin. 1972 Rupp, one of the nicer sleds I have owned. Look at them ski's!  197? Gilson, too ugly for me, had to go, pretty nice shape tho, 440 kohler, and the 73 cheetah, what a beast,  was the grass mobile, I got it running and going as u can see at the end of winter but had to test her out.  Man look at that burnout, AKA Shwanger Burnout!, them kawisaki motors are bullet proof, middle of July, 90 degreese outside and were grass dragging it. Went through a few plugs but no problems. Had some low end bogging but not too bad for a 440.  I put the motor in it from a 72 panther. Had electric start and all the panther stuff.  Ray
Thanks Ray for the Great Pictures!

1972 RUPP




Arctic Cat - Puma


1970 Ski Doo